Welcome to the Quinta Sariana

Our holiday villa is located in the Algarve on a hill above Sargacal, 3 minutes drive from the Atlantic port town of Lagos.

Equipped with everything you need for a relaxing and comfortable stay, you can feel in this beautiful villa more than at home.

Lagos is a coastal town with a historic old town and a modern marina. The small town with its 15,000 inhabitants has always retained its traditional Portuguese character.

The special attraction of this region is the climate, fresh sea air and the Atlantic coast with the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

There is a wide choice of opportunities to enjoy the Algarve. Algarve is a surfing, golf, water sport, hiking, riding and cycling paradise.

Would you just like to sunbathe and restore the soul? This is readily available, for example there is nearby an often described paradise of sandy beaches, such as the Meia Praia or as found in one of the many small protected bays.

The appeal of the Atlantic coast from the sea can also be explored from the several boat trips which the port of Lagos offers.

Culinary dishes of the Algarve – combined with the good air from the Atlantic – with fresh local produce such as fish, vegetables, wine and fruit with many flavor full specialties, a holiday here creates a special sense of wellbeing.

Sariana Quinta offers an “oasis” a chance to “recharge the batteries” have a lot of fun in the Algarve and take back memories of a wonderful vacation.